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What’s behind a name? A Vision.

Human capital is the biggest asset in each organization and in any project undertaken. Every employee contributes to build the company’s foundation first and fosters its growth. Being close to our clients and candidates is part of the Benson & Winch philosophy. Would you like to share your project’s needs? Please feel free to contact us.

From our offices in Brussels, the heart of Europe, our team is dedicated to assist you with your Human Capital projects and professional career path aspirations. As your privileged partner, Benson & Winch helps you building the foundations of your organization either by strengthening your team or, on an individual level, by helping you increase your potential as a professional within your area of expertise.

Our Values

We act with integrity and honesty when meeting the responsibilities of every assignment. We uphold business practices that do not endanger your organization’s reputation. Our goal is to build deep and enduring relationships with our clients and with our candidates. Service is at the heart of everything we do.


Benson & Winch is the right partner to help you find the best solution. Your satisfaction and success is our business card. Our team is enthusiastic, motivated and eager to succeed! We are passionate about what we do, passionate about people, about our job and we are determined to steer your career… by always keeping a positive mindset and a sense of humor!

Our offices