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Manufacturing IT Lead

Walloon Brabant, Belgium

Benson & Winch is searching for Manufacturing IT Lead for one of its clients in Pharmaceuticals. Apply today or ask for more info one of our consultants.

Your responsibilities


Ensure the Patient Value Technical Operations organization has the right systems and the right systems support to execute its strategies and to deliver its operational goals for the internal manufacturing area.

General management

The Function is responsible for servicing the manufacturing domain within company IT Technical Operation business. Core to the role are leadership, stakeholder engagement, management of project and technology landscape.

Under the strategic leadership of the Head of IT Manufacturing and Laboratories, the function envisions, organizes and directs the set up and strategic deployment and maintenance of efficient digital processes and systems that integrate and organize across manufacturing business units all data and processes in order to provide the most efficient and cost effective solution for the company

The manager is responsible for managing the business results of the domain, IT Program Initiatives down to, project plans, milestones, deliverables and financial targets for multiple projects.

Business representation

The Function demonstrates leadership and form operational up to tactical and strategic relationships with the business to develop integrated business improvement solutions, hereby translating business requirements into formal agreements and ensuring business acceptance of results.
Knowledge of the business unit’s mission and processes are crucial along with professional knowledge of market segment / industry / technology / discipline trends

Delivers IT services at agreed volumes, unit costs and Operational Level Agreement, Assess project feasibility, Delivery projects towards Technical Operations covering internal manufacturing pharma and bio activities on the European sites of Bulle and Braine

Geographical coverage :
• Internal Manufacturing : 2 sides in dotted line while leading alignment and global project delivery for Zhuhai and Saitama


IT Strategy & Leadership
Support the implementation of the overall IT strategy approved by ITLT. Proactively align IT initiatives in regards of requirements and strategy of internal manufacturing domain within Technical Operations

Contribute to the implementation and continuous improvement of a:
• Internal Manufacturing Systems for Technical Operations – including non-exhaustively MES, ERP and their integration with DCS, EMS, QMS systems - with best practice approach
• Industrial equipment and their integration in the manufacturing application landscape taking care of data management and compliance with IT standards and industrial framework
• Standard and integrated way of doing Project Delivery and Support
• Innovative thinking in problem solving or process/solutions improvement approach

Envisages, defines and communicate clear strategy (roadmaps), objectives and implementation stages with regards to IT area. Ensure complete fit & alignment with company growth & strategy across the entire organization.

Translates the above strategy, objectives and operational issues into comprehensive projects delivering best value to business operations.

Product, Project, Services Delivery
• For the IT Technical Operations Manufacturing domain,
o Prioritize project and services through a digital portfolio approach driven by business value and strategies fit.
o Ensure successful delivery of IT Product, Project and services, either directly (services and projects resourced within the domain) or indirectly (services and projects resourced by other IT teams or sourced through 3rd parties), acting as effective program or project manager
o Ensure business results are achieved per business cases digitally oriented (Power of the Data) while fully complying with patient trust, TSSC principles (Trustworthiness, Security, Safety and Compliance) including external regulations and IT Practices
o Ensuring continuous support to all IT Technical Operations users and the smooth running of systems by maintaining high level service desk support and monitoring and reporting system performance by defined SLA´s with business and OLA´s with other IT departments or outsource partners

o Anticipate IT project risks (security, resources, budget, quality) escalating issues and making proposals when appropriate and managing the users expectations accordingly

Managing the contractual relationship with external products or services suppliers and ensure to deliver operational objectives as committed

IT Relationship Management
• Represent IT as trusted partners with the appropriate Stakeholders teams
• Maintain tactical and operational relationships with the respective Internal Manufacturing sites and related department heads for Bulle and Braine while ensuring alignment with Asian Site for global solutions.
• Ensure Business needs that require IT involvement are addressed by evaluating and prioritizing the business case or by delivery through own team or the global IT organization
• Participating to the strategic partnership with external suppliers to assess technological roadmap innovation as business values enabler for the company

People Management
• Manage IT Talents (application experts) within the manufacturing domain either directly (Braine) or virtually (Bulle dotted full) towards IT Technical Operations ambitions and objectives.
• Attract, retain and develop the right IT talent, using company’s development toolkit as well as mentoring, coaching, team meetings, succession planning and other tools
• Support proactively an environment, in which innovative ideas can be generated and make networking across IT teams / business easily possible.

Your profile

Manufacturing IT with also a good understanding of IT landscape and Automation
Master's degree
PM certification
Great English

This description matches your profile and expectations?

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