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Subject Matter Expert (SME) Infrastructure and Finishing Consultant

Brussels, Belgium

Benson & Winch is searching for a SME Infrastructure and Finishing Consultant to join our pharmaceutical client in their office

Your responsibilities

• Expert in its area of expertise
• Author of specifications related with its area of expertise
• Select all suppliers related with its area of expertise
• Define the planning related with its activities in collaboration with Technical coordinator and/or planner
• Budget Evaluation regarding all activities related with its area of Expertise including resources, material, etc
• Check and challenge his battery limit of work with the technical coordinator

• Expert in its area of expertise :
- Review the URS provided by the project Leader or the Customer in order to ensure all requirements mentioned related with its area of expertise are understandable and realistic
- Add all technical request in the URS for the commissioning and qualification request.
- Representative of its specialty for every meetings (Kick off, recurrent meetings project, etc)
- Communicate to the technical coordinator all risks and/or issues noticed and propose a mitigation plan

- Realize and provide the technical solution for design related with its area of expertise to the technical coordinator and Project leader

- Approbation of detail layout related with its competencies

- Ensure every days that the work planned has been completed regarding the schedule
- Communicate the day to day schedule to the technical coordinator
- Ensure a good communication with other SMEs linked to its activity (Battery limits)

• Specifications :

- Write the specifications related with its area of expertise and provide the document to the technical coordinator for review

• Supplier selection :

- Based on factual criteria, select the suppliers by including the purchasing member. Do a bid solicitation in order to evaluate more candidate and select the best one.
- Ensure the purchasing department is included at the beginning of the project in order to review/to challenge the offers received

• Planning :

- Elaborate the schedule related with its area of expertise in collaboration with the Technical coordinator
- Ensure the availability of each supplier
- Communicate to the Technical coordinator/PL/Planner all changes noticed in order to update the global planning

• Budget Evaluation :

- Realize the cost estimation related with its activities (Resources, material, renting, etc)
- Provide a first estimation for GP1 to the PL but ensure that the estimation for GP2 is precise around 10% of the final price.
- Ensure all points have been evaluated to allow the realization of its own activity from Start to End, without exceptional cost additional

Your profile

• Minimum 5 years of relevant experience in the area of expertise
• Strong Technical skills (Building, HVAC, Piping, DAO,etc)
• Good communication
• Rigorous
• Accountable
• Involved
• Proactive
• Pragmatism to solve issues
• Fully acting at own's initiative

This description matches your profile and expectations?

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